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Applicable fluids and application industries for dispenser equipment

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Applicable fluid

Various solvents, adhesives, paints, chemical materials, solid glue, etc., including silica gel, EMI conductive adhesive, UV adhesive, AB adhesive, quick-drying adhesive, epoxy adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, sealant, hot glue, grease, Silver plastic, red plastic, solder paste, thermal grease, solder paste, transparent paint, screw fixer, wood glue, anaerobic adhesive, acrylic glue, anti-wear rubber, crystal glue, potting glue, speaker glue, instant glue, rubber , paints, enamel paints, lacquers, inks, pigments, etc. Ab glue dispenser


Industrial electrical

Capacitor, transformer, relay, button and other bonding potting, motor coil coating, electrical cabinet door sealing and coating. Dispenser equipment


Application industry

Automobile industry

Lamp package, electric vehicle controller package, filter (oil filter, diesel filter, air filter), car body and roof reinforcement plate glue, brake shoe, clutch and drive belt potting, window seal, plastic block Plate, radiator tank glue, automotive sensor glue filling, automotive electronics and vehicle electrical, instrumentation potting protection, mechanical seals and other automotive machinery parts coating. Injection valve manufacturer


Lighting industry

Led fluorescent powder LED driving power supply thermal potting, hard light strip, soft light strip potting, bulb light, lighting, etc., LED street light bonding sealing wall washer, flood light, lawn light and other outdoor lighting irrigation Seal, led lamp holder potting, LED spotlight cover and lamp cup bonding seal.


Construction engineering

Coating of heat-insulating aluminum profiles, steel, aluminum honeycomb panels, building panels, fire doors, security doors. Camera automatic dispenser



Mobile phone button dispensing, mobile phone battery packaging, laptop battery packaging, computer speaker/receiver, coil dispensing, PCB board bonding, IC sealing, speaker outer ring dispensing, PDA sealing, LCD sealing, IC packaging, IC bonding, chassis bonding, optical component processing, bonding of circuit components to substrates, and printing of printed circuit boards.


Solar photovoltaic

Photovoltaic inverter thermal potting, solar cell box encapsulation, solar module potting. Shenzhen three anti-paint coating machine