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The composition of the dispenser and its peripheral products

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Depending on the glue used and the requirements of the production process, the complete dispenser solution involves many forms of peripheral products. The simplest dispensing machine configuration consists of a main machine, a hose, a hose, a needle, and then a product that may be matched according to the characteristics of the glue, such as a defoaming machine, a temperature control machine, a blender, a filling machine, a pressure tank, etc., and then surrounds the process and operation. The products that are required to be matched are mechanical arms, dispensing valves, manual switches, and foot switches.

If there are air bubbles in the glue, there will be various phenomena such as emptying, leaking, drawing, unevenness, etc. during the dispensing process, which greatly affects the yield and quality of the product. The use of the defoaming machine can advance the bubbles in the hose in advance. All output.

If the glue is above a certain temperature to maintain a liquid state, or the glue is affected by temperature, the viscosity changes greatly and needs to be kept at a constant temperature. The temperature control machine plays a role, it can keep the glue above a certain temperature, or keep the glue at a fixed temperature range. Inside.

If there is a filler in the glue and it is evenly mixed to stabilize the dispensing, the mixer will work at this time. Fillers and pressure tanks are easy to implement for the convenience of filling and use of glue.

The use of the robot arm can achieve the highest four-axis dispensing of the product, namely X, Y, Z, W axis, W is rotary dispensing.

The dispensing valve and the use of the pressure tank can realize the dispensing of the large-capacity glue, avoiding the trouble of replacing the glue, and realizing the long-term operation of dispensing.

The manual and foot switch are suitable for the operating environment where the operation level is not high and the glue is manually controlled.