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XH-JM1832A Semi automatic domestic RO membrane rolling machine

XH-JM1832A Semi automatic domestic RO membrane rolling machine

Product description

Basic Function:

1. Automatic mixing glue Supply to make sure the High precision of A&B glue mixed Ratio, it is very convenient fast and without any waste caused it only mixed just for the dispensing needed.
2. PLC Automatic Glue Dispensing System: The Workable Membrane sheet space is effectively improved by our High precise and evenly Glue dispensing also prevent side leakage to improved the product qualification rate.
3. One Button to start Automatic Rolling: the machine is finished membrane rolling procedures without artificial supplementary, it is easy for worker operating and save cost for new worker training.
4. Automatic cutting for Tricot and Adhesive tape: the system is controlled cutting automatically to ensure the cutting plane is smooth it is certain the machine automatic cutting is more efficient than Manual cutting.
5. One Button to start adhesive tape auto rolling the adhesive tape is finished rolling by machine without artificial supplementary it is automatic rolling with nice smooth surface.


Main parts list:

Item Brand/detail
3 axis servo motor Telta
Membrane rolling motor Telta
PLC Mitsubishi
Motion control card Adtech
Cylinder Airtac
ball screw guide TBI
Touch screen WEINVIEW
Vacuum pump 4L
Glue storage tank 304 stainless steel(20L)


Parameter technical:

Model No. XH-JM1832A
Glue dispensing area 1000mm(X)*500mm(Y)*150mm(Z) Glue maxing model static maxing tube
Max speed 500mm/s Ration control system PLC+Gear Pump
Repeat precision ±0.02mm Motion control system PLC+Motion control
Maxing precision 1:1~10:1 adjustable Applied production 1810-3213
Maxing precision ±2% Capacity 600PCS/D(50-75G)
Dispensing precision ±2% Power 3.5KW 220V
Dispensing feeding speed 1-20g/s(adjustable) Weight 600kg
Rolling machine Size 2200mm*1000mm*1700mm Glue machine size 1300mm*900mm*1800mm


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