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Optional automatic dispenser tips:

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First, before the purchase of dispenser, the first need to clarify two things:

1, the use of the basic characteristics of glue:

1) What glue is it? One-component or two-component (AB)?

2) If the two-component, AB plastic volume ratio is how much?

3) viscosity and density of glue?

4) How long does the glue begin to cure? Full cure time?

5) How is the glue wrapped?

2, automatic dispenser process needs to meet the requirements:

1) Dispensing accuracy requirements? What is the amount of glue per product?

2) glue is used to potting? Paste? insulation? Moisture-proof bit?

3) how to achieve dispensing operation?

Second, the automatic dispenser optional skills:

1, glue: ordinary glue with a single component dispenser, AB glue using two liquid dispenser, PU glue using PU plastic dispenser, UV glue using a specific syringe dispensing.

2, Dispensing process: ordinary dispensing use semi-automatic dispenser (such as foot control), precise positioning crossed the selection of desktop, three-axis, round and other automatic function with dispenser. Automatic dispenser automation function is actually a subsidiary function, dispenser more play the role of control glue, other functions can be achieved with automated robots.

3, work efficiency and environment: less products, not the pursuit of efficiency, the use of manual glue gun; outdoor work, the use of glue gun. Requires precise control of the contest, the use of machines. Requires automated dispensing, use a machine with an automated function.

4, the cost: dispensing program varied, not all of the dispensing need to use the machine, not all of the automatic dispensing must be attached to the automatic dispenser. From the cost considerations, if a glue needs to use too high a price machine, you can consider changing the glue. If the price of the dispenser with automation is too high, consider moving the product instead of the dispensing head.