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Dispenser Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Valve drip

This situation often occurs after the valve closed.

95% of this situation is due to the use of the needle diameter is too small due.

Too small needles will affect the flow of liquid caused by back pressure, resulting in the closure of the valve shortly after the formation of the phenomenon of dripping too small needles will also affect the use of the valve when the exhaust bubble action.As long as the replacement of the larger needle You can solve this problem.

Tapered oblique needle produces the least back pressure, the liquid flow the most smooth.

Liquid air in the valve after the closure of the valve will produce a drip phenomenon, it is best to pre-exclude the liquid air, or switch to easy to contain bubbles of glue. Or the first centrifugal defoaming after use.

2. The size of the glue is inconsistent

When the glue is inconsistent, mainly for the storage of fluid pressure cylinder or air pressure generated by instability.

The inlet pressure regulator should be set at 10 to 15 psi below the minimum pressure in the plant. The pressure used in the pressure cylinder should be above the pressure in the middle of the pressure regulator and avoid the use of a pressure between the low pressure part of the pressure gauge The

The pressure of the valve should be at least 60 psi to ensure that the glue is stable.

The final should check the gel time.If less than 15/1000 seconds will cause the glue is not stable, the longer the glue out of the more stable the glue.

3. The flow rate is too slow

If the flow rate is too slow, the line should be changed from 1/4 "to 3/8".

Piping if not needed to be as short as possible.

In addition to changing the pipe, but also out of the plastic mouth and pressure, so completely speed up the flow.

4. bubbles inside the fluid

Excessive fluid pressure may be sufficient to allow air to penetrate into the liquid if it is too short to open the valve. Solution To reduce fluid pressure and use a tapered oblique needle.

5. Instant glue in the plastic valve `connector` and the pipeline blockage

This condition is mainly due to excessive moisture or repeated use of the instant glue. Make sure to use fresh instant glue. The pipe is cleaned with Aceton acetone without moisture. The air used should be determined to dry and Install the filter between the chamber air pressure and the valve system. (If the above method is still invalid, use nitrogen.

6. UV glue (UV curing adhesive)

Make sure to use black tubing.

Do not add UV glue directly to the pressure tube on the old UV glue. First, the original UV glue let go, and then glue the UV glue into the empty pressure tube. Pressure tube UV glue is often after a period of time will produce bubbles Resulting in plastic instability.

7. Dispensing needle selection

Dispensing needle selection method:

Four criteria:

Small needles - small needles, low pressure, short time large - large needles, larger pressure, longer time thick plastic - oblique needle, larger pressure, depending on the need to set the time water-based liquid - small Needle, smaller pressure, set the time as needed

Need special set of fluid:

(1) instant glue: the use of water-based instant glue with a safe piston and Teflon lined with metal needles, the use of thick instant glue, the use of tapered oblique needle, for flexible use of PP needle.

(2) UV glue: the use of amber syringes, white pistons and oblique needles (can cover the UV) If the use of other types of needles, please recommend to our Division can cover the UV needle.

(3) light curing adhesive: the use of black opaque syringes, white piston, can cover the UV needle.

(4) anaerobic adhesive: the use of 10CC syringes and white PE universal piston.

(5) sealant and paste fluid: If the use of white piston rebound is serious, please use a safe type, the use of inclined needle.

8. Epoxy cleaning (expoxy)

If possible, as far as possible each Shift with a typical toluene solvent storage pressure tube automatically cleaned once, the more often the better cleaning.