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Classification and Application of Dispenser

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Dispensing category:

Manual dispensing: manual use of manual dispenser in the electronic products on the dispensing, the process is simple, low cost, the disadvantage is a waste of labor, slow, poor precision, low efficiency, when the dispensing requirements are high, the manual operation is Can not finish.

Semi-automatic dispenser: controlled by the controller, the use of electronic pneumatic control can adjust the amount of glue, glue suction. But the dispensing trajectory for manual control, dispensing speed is slow, prone to error.

Automatic dispenser: is through the automatic dispenser, through the air pressure in the set time, the glue out. Control the time of dispensing by the instrument to ensure that each dispensing amount is the same. Just adjust the air pressure, time and select the appropriate needle mouth, you can easily change the amount of each dispensing. The process of high technological content, to meet a variety of complex process dispensing requirements, with high efficiency, easy operation, point out the advantages of high product consistency, with the current rising labor costs and precision electronic dispensing quality requirements continue to increase, More and more enterprises began to use automated dispensing operations.


The application of the dispenser:

Suitable for the object: mobile phone, computer shell, CD player, printer, ink clip, PC board, LCD, LED, DVD, digital camera, switch, connector, relay, radiator, semiconductor and other electronics industry, Connection fast point / glue, clock, toy industry, medical equipment and other liquid dispensing products.

Applicable fluid: UV glue, AB glue, EPOXY (vinyl), white plastic, EMI conductive adhesive, SILICON, epoxy resin, instant glue, silver plastic, red plastic, solder paste, heat paste, solder paste, Screw fixatives and so on