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To achieve the perfect dispensing effect, needle syringes selection skills can not be ignored

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Dispensing process, the glue directly from the needle flow to the designated location of dispensing, dispensing needle selection directly related to the effect of dispensing, and sometimes we encountered glue out too slow, the efficiency is not high, the size of the dispensing point does not reach To the requirements, either too small, or glue too much, glue the needle blocked, the needle was corroded, etc., which are related to the selection of the needle!

Here we introduce you to the dispenser needle selection skills:

First, from the size of the dispensing point, point of view of the choice of dispenser needle:

Four principles:

1. Small points - small needles, low pressure;

2. short time big point - large needle, greater pressure;

3. For a long time thick plastic - oblique needle, greater pressure;

4. Set the time according to the need for water-based liquid - small needles, smaller pressure, according to the need to set the time;


Common needle size of several specifications:

1, precision all stainless steel needle: specifications from 15G-25G

Precision all stainless steel needle

2, plastic seat precision dispensing needles: specifications from 14G-34G

Plastic seat precision dispensing needle

3, all plastic oblique dispensing needles: specifications from 14G-27G

All plastic oblique dispensing needles

4, Teflon Needle: Specifications 15G 18G 20G 25G

Teflon Needles

5, pp flexible needle series: Specifications 14G 15G 18G 20G 22G 25G

Pp flexible needle

More than the needle is also used for different viscosity of the glue, in the dispensing process, the needle selection from small to large, dispensing speed from fast to slow, pressure adjustment from small to large. Compared to the better liquidity of the glue, you can choose from the small needle, and then slowly increase the pressure, the speed from fast to slow. Especially in the process of adjusting the machine first mechanical reference point, this can prevent the operator due to mistakes and the coordinates of the wrong. As long as the beginning to set a good reference to the origin, with the needle at the original reference point can be, and then directly boot start.

The choice of dispensing syringes is also normative, one should consider the characteristics of glue, the viscosity of two glue, the chemical properties of the three glue.

Dispenser syringes

Instant glue: the use of water-based instant glue and safe Teflon lined with metal dispensing needles, thick instant glue, the use of tapered oblique dispensing needle, for flexible use of PP dispensing needle.

UV glue: the use of amber dispensing syringes, white pistons and oblique dispensing needles (can be covered with ultraviolet light) If you use other types of dispensing needles, please set to the Division I can cover the UV glue needle.

Light curing adhesive: the use of black opaque dispensing syringes, white piston, can be covered with UV plastic needle.

Anaerobic Adhesive: Use 10CC Dispensing Syringe and White PE Universal Piston.

Sealant and paste fluid: If you use a white piston rebound seriously, please use the safety piston, the use of inclined dispensing needle.