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The development prospect of the dispenser

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With the widespread use of electronic glue, the application of dispensing equipment will be more extensive and diversified.

One-component dispensing technology is relatively mature, its development direction is automated and high precision

In the ordinary dispenser, such as some dispensing controller, the domestic imitation technology has been very mature, the market is very competitive, the price plummeted, and even a few Bai machines have emerged. But the domestic dispensing machine is generally high accuracy, glue is not stable enough, some high-tech industry, when it comes to the purchase of dispenser, certainly can only find the world brand. So, in the high-precision this piece, to be people with lofty ideals to further efforts ah When the market is highly competitive, only the quality and service can make themselves stand out.

In the automation of this, the domestic three-axis platform, circular dispenser, and so has many years of development history, if only ordinary precision, then use the domestic dispenser and platform on it. Engaged in these single-component equipment production and research of the manufacturers are more, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but can dig the space is still very large.

For the two-component dispensing equipment, this is a far-immature areas: the international can be a little bit of the dispenser, at every turn hundreds of thousands of thousands, so many manufacturers hope and stop. While the domestic dual-machine technology there is a big gap, the price is slightly lower, but the product quality has yet to be further improved. With the increasing use of AB glue, filling and so on the requirements of the process will be higher, double liquid dispenser is the dispenser industry, another great potential for the development of the field. We look forward to the joint efforts of people with lofty ideals.