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Not suitable for domestic voltage 100 Japanese dispenser cut off

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Recently, a group of 120 dispensers from Japan were cut by Jiangsu Changzhou Inspection and Inspection Bureau. It is understood that this batch of dispenser as a result of supporting the rated voltage of wire assemblies below 220V standard voltage, and there are security risks,

It is understood that the import of substandard dispenser 120, imported from Japan, the total value of goods more than 2,000 million yen, the goods entered the territory, Jiangsu Changzhou Inspection and Inspection Bureau Wujin Office of the goods on-site inspection found : The batch of equipment marked with rated voltage of 100V-240V, but supporting the Japanese standard wire assembly (plug + wire + connector (appliance plug)) marked the rated voltage is only 125V, lower than the 220V standard voltage of China's power grid. Rated voltage, the relevant products, heat and shock resistance requirements are different, in order to eliminate security risks, Jiangsu Changzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued a "inspection and quarantine treatment notice" in the inspection and quarantine departments under the supervision of the goods The consignor immediately sends 120 sets of wire assemblies that meet the requirements for replacement.

In this regard, inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant import enterprises and the vast number of consumers, the Japanese residents electricity voltage is generally 100-120V, part of the Japanese electrical appliances supporting the wire assembly rated voltage is only 125V, so the purchase of Japanese electrical appliances must first check the electrical Of the rated working voltage is covered by China's residential electricity voltage 220V, but also to ensure that the matching cable assembly rated voltage should not be lower than the actual use of voltage, to prevent "small horse pull cart", bring security risks.