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How to rationally choose the dispenser brand

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Dispenser, also known as coating machine, Dijiao machine, glue machine, is specifically for the control of the fluid, and the liquid drip, coated on the product surface or product within the automated machine. Dispenser is mainly used in the process of glue, paint and other liquid precision point, note, Tu, drip to the precise location of each product, can be used to achieve RBI, drawing lines, round or arc.

Looking at the current dispenser market, although the "flourishing" product brands and types of customers to have more choices, but good and bad product quality also let the dispenser market there are many "credibility crisis." So, as the needs of customers how should the cohabitation of the dispenser market correctly choose the ideal equipment? As the dispenser industry quality brand IEI officially authorized an agent, Changzhou Xunhai automation technology suggested that you in the optional dispenser and Accessories need to pay attention to the following questions:

(1) to avoid falling into the price trap. Dispenser equipment features, appearance, services seemingly similar, but the price is very different. Whether it is the price level, we can not be confused by the price, but should focus on the quality of plastic machinery and the overall performance;

(2) should not blindly buy. In the optional dispenser equipment, the first should be clear their dispensing needs and make a good purchase budget, and then with the demand and psychological prices to buy products, this will be more rational;

(3) too much attention to a detail. Many consumers in the purchase of dispensing equipment will focus on looking at a detail, such as dispensing accuracy, spit volume, jitter, etc., if only focus on these details to consider the case, it may ignore the overall performance evaluation. To this end, Changzhou City, the sea automation technology recommendations when you buy, it is best to look at the overall point of time with the dispensing equipment, people are not perfect, the same, the dispenser is not perfect, as long as the needs of the company like.

(4) one-sided listening to the sales staff to explain. Many sales staff to improve sales performance and their products blowing hype, good news, so the purchase of the product can be expected to put into production will not be too smooth.

So, how should the correct purchase of dispensing machinery and ancillary supplies it? Changzhou Xunhai automation technology recommendations when you buy the dispensing equipment with a rational look to consider the overall performance of the product, sales reputation, after-sales service quality and other factors , After "shop around", the careful choice!